Please take note that the warehouse address on your customer dashboard when logged in has now changed. Do not ship to the old address if it is not the same with what is showing on your customer dashboard as we would not be able to receive it

Delivery, Refunds and Cancelation Policy

1.1 Most products will be delivered by UPS (United Parcel Service), FX World, TNT, ParcelForce, DPD or Nightline.

1.2 If we are unable to contact you within 10 business days of receiving Goods from a Supplier at your GlobalParcelForward Address, we may return the Goods to that Supplier.

1.3 We will aim to ensure that all Goods which we receive at your GlobalParcelForward Address are forwarded to your Delivery Address (by way of the Forwarding Service) as soon as possible after receiving your instructions and payment to do so. Goods will normally be forwarded within 48 hours of payment, although it may take longer where we, acting reasonably, suspect that Restricted Goods or Prohibited Goods have been sent to us, or that the Goods may be fraudulent or otherwise unsuitable for export. Delivery times for the Forwarding Service vary according to your Delivery Address and the Courier you select, but should take no longer than 10 business days (excluding time spent in customs which is beyond our control) from the date on which we dispatch the Goods to you. Deliveries may require your signature to confirm receipt.

You cannot cancel a shipping order you have made once your shipment has been booked by us with the Courier; in such cases no refunds can be made. Refunds of shipping costs and compensation for Goods that are lost or damaged either in our care or during transit with a tracked Courier service will be treated in accordance with condition 10 of the Terms of Trade. No compensation or refunds of shipping costs will be made under any circumstances in respect of, regular mail, budget and untracked Courier services.

Where shipping order has not been made and provided there are no outstanding balance on your account, and no other cost will be incurred by us returning your goods to the supplier, we will refund your money within one week following when payment is received. If possible, refunds will be made in the same way as your original payment.